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Our Team


Sergiy Malyy

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Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. In his childhood he was fond of various sports. Started diving in 2000, received the first diving certificate. Became PADI Instructor in 2006, TDI in 2007. In the beginning diving was just a hobby, after it turned into a job and a life style. 10 years he lived in a small Bedouin village called Dahab (Egypt, the Red Sea). In 2013 he became TDI/SDI Course Director. Very happy to do what he likes. Teaches recreational, technical, cave diving from beginner to instructor level. He is passion underwater photography and video shooting. Here is his all dive instructor levels certification history


Gunita Malaja

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She was born and raised in the Riga, Latvia. Has been diving since 2003. Became PADI Instructor in 2006. Professional diver, PADI and TDI Deco Pro instructor. Medical First Aid course director. Has organised one of the largest dive center in Latvia named "Big Fish", which is actually still working in Riga.Trained more than five hundred people including the President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers. Languages of teaching - Russian, Latvian and English. For this moment Master Instructor PADI.


Elena Oblavatska

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Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, she worked as a dive instructor in many countries all over the globe including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt. She's been a PADI instructor since 2012. Got about 300 students. In 2020 in Mexico completed TDI Full Cave course and now became also our cenote diving guide. She can teach in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

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